Cards for a Brighter Future for BC's Kids

BC Children's Hospital is proud to present the 2018 Holiday Card Collection. When you order these attractive, high quality cards, you are not only expressing your holiday sentiments with style, you are also supporting brighter futures for BC's kids.

The Auxiliary to BC Children's Hospital supports the areas of greatest need at the hospital by funding vital programs and services essential to providing the absolute best in pediatric care to the children of British Columbia.

Volunteers of the Auxiliary to the BC Children's Hospital continue to serve our patients and families with a multitude of skills, dedication and compassion. Volunteers are involved in every level of a family's experience at the hospital.

Volunteers provide hands-on support to parents and children throughout the hospital in the outpatient clinics, inpatient wards and through support to siblings and family members. The number of clinics continues to increase and volunteers are increasingly needed to provide support to families who struggle with days filled with appointments.

Taylin McGill’s Story

Those close to teen Taylin McGill will tell you that the laughter and joyful spirit she exudes is a remarkable and surprising contrast to the complex and numerous medical interventions that she has had to endure. Her strength and resilience far outnumber her years.

Just 10 days after birth, Taylin was diagnosed with salmonella bacterial meningitis—a very rare and serious infection in the brain. This was followed by a diagnosis of ventriculitis, a swelling and inflammation throughout her brain, which resulted in hydrocephalus, an excessive accumulation of cerebral spinal fluid in the brain.

These early infections caused scars within her brain’s ventricles—a scarring that restricted the normal flow of cerebral spinal fluid in Taylin’s brain–and caused a life-threatening situation requiring shunt surgery to relieve the pressure. Taylin’s early childhood was then marked by very long, severe seizures, and multiple surgeries.

In perhaps the most trying period for the McGill family, an emergency medical situation left their fragile three-year-old Taylin in a coma-like state. She was temporarily mute, had an impairment in her left eye, and was unable to use the left side of her body for several months. Taylin suffered permanent short-term memory loss and worked hard with specialists to re-learn how to walk, talk and eat again. Taylin faced years of obstacles and by age seven, she had endured her fourteenth brain surgery.

"She reminds us every day that life is precious and that we need to love deeply and feel gratitude, as it can be taken from us in the blink of an eye", says Taylin's mom, Erin.

Despite her significant struggles, Taylin’s positive, energetic attitude doesn’t waiver. Taylin continues to inspire all those around her; we are continually in awe of her spirit and courage. She has accomplished so much in her short journey and we continually have to remind ourselves just how far she has come.