BC Children's Hospital is proud to present the 2016 Holiday Card Collection. When you order these attractive, high quality cards, you are not only expressing your holiday sentiments with style, you are also supporting brighter futures for BC's kids.

The Auxiliary to BC Children's Hospital supports the areas of greatest need at the hospital by funding vital programs and services essential to providing the absolute best in pediatric care to the children of British Columbia.

Volunteers of the Auxiliary to the BC Children's Hospital continue to serve our patients and families with a multitude of skills, dedication and compassion. Volunteers are involved in every level of a family's experience at the hospital.

Volunteers provide hands-on support to parents and children throughout the hospital in the outpatient clinics, inpatient wards and through support to siblings and family members. The number of clinics continues to increase and volunteers are increasingly needed to provide support to families who struggle with days filled with appointments.

Carlee Vasquez' glasses hint at only a fraction of the medical challenges she's endured in her young life. Born with a heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot, Diamond Blackfan anemia—a rare blood disorder—and a cleft palate, Carlee's life has revolved around BC Children's Hospital since the day she was born.

At less than a day old, Carlee had her first blood transfusion to treat her anemia, for which there is no cure. At six weeks, she underwent an emergency stent procedure. At nine months, she had an open-heart surgery. Countless other visits and procedures filled the family's time in between, including at least 20 visits to the Emergency Department.

Carlee's mother Lian will never forget seeing her baby in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for the first time. "When I walked in the room and saw her in bed with all those attachments, it broke my heart," she says. "The best part of that was we were assured by the nurse that Carlee is in a good place and she's being taken care of. Dr. Kevin Harris and the late Jan Rooks from the hospital's Cardiology team both made such a difference in Carlee's first year."

Since those early days
Carlee's condition has
stabilized, but she
continues to visit the
hospital regularly -
so much so that Lian
calls BC Children's their
second home. The Complex Care
Program was created for children like Carlee, who must see specialists from more than 10 different departments. Carlee's family is grateful for Dr. Tammie Dewan, head of the program, and her amazing team.

"Dr. Dewan is like family; she's very friendly and compassionate", says Carlee's father Charles. "When we go to Emergency and we see Dr. Dewan walk in, we feel at peace knowing that she's there and that she'll take care of us and Carlee. And that brings us a sense of relief."

"Carlee is our angel, our hero, our warrior and our everyday miracle. She has grown to be a sweet yet tough little girl, always ready to give hugs and kisses," says Lian.

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